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Children use all kinds of clever ways to get to the swimming pool. Often swimming pools take up a large part of the play area. Children are always attracted to the sparkling swimming pool water and will head straight for the swimming pool.

The Pool Safety Net has proven itself to be one of the most effective barriers in swimming pool safety. It stops an accident from happening. Even if children can open up doors, or climb fences, with our Net in place, they will not be able to gain access to the swimming pool. The safety net is firmly secured to the swimming pool deck, beautifully protecting your swimming pool and providing safety and peace of mind for you and your family.

Drowning is often silent -- a splash or cry for help may never be heard!
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Drowning Study found that the conscientious caretakers who understands the need for supervision were almost always nearby.

A residential swimming pool is 14 times more likely to cause a death in toddlers than in an automobile accident.

350 children typically drown in backyard swimming pools and spas every year in the U.S.

NO drownings or accidents have ever occurred
with this product properly in place!

Known as the DESERT POOL SAFETY NET, our swimming pool nets offer the least expensive yet most effective solution to swimming pool safety.

We can custom fit our swimming pool nets to any shape, size or topography of swimming pool. Having an DESERT POOL SAFETY NET on your pool DOES NOT DETRACT AT ALL from the looks of your swimming pool and backyard landscaping. Rocks, waterfalls, elevated decks, diving boards, slides or freeform swimming pools are no problem! Blue or black netting is available. Flush fitting anchors keep your swimming pool deck safe.

Our Nets are woven from industrial strength (ASTM tested), UV Stabilized Polyethylene braid that will not deteriorate or fade in the sun (even in Arizona). Our nets are the only net available in Arizona where both the Blue and Black nets have a 16 strand center core.

Your child's head or body will not fit through the 3.5 " squares of the Net -- total security! Your child can not remove or get under the Net. The size of the squares will discourage a child from playing or crawling on the Net.

The anchoring and tensioning system has been designed so that the safety pool nets are VERY EASY for adults to remove and replace over your swimming pool. We guarantee that the smallest of moms can remove the safety pool net in less than 5 minutes and replace it in less than 10 minutes (on her own) - a total of less than 15 minutes invested to protect your child from drowning.

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